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  • Wellfleet Harbor
    Wellfleet Harbor

    Wellfleet Harbor

    Take a walk at the marina and watch shellfishermen

    Fishing trips and sailing expeditions start at the marina.  There’s a great walkway where visitors can see shellfishermen at work at low tide.  Benches invite the visitor to sit a while and enjoy the view.

  • Perfect Beaches
    Perfect Beaches

    Perfect Beaches

    Explore miles of deserted beach

    Wellfleet is famous for magnificent beaches, towering sand dunes, and breathtaking nature walks. With four beaches on the ocean, and three on the bay, visitors have ample opportunity to enjoy the sun and surf.

  • Restaurants


    Enjoy Wellfleet oysters and local seafood

    Wellfleet offers many great restaurants in summer, including the world famous PB Boulangerie Bistro.  On Saturday evenings, stroll through the village for art gallery openings. On Wednesdays, join the town folk on the pier for an old-fashioned square dance. At low tide, shell fishermen dig for oysters and clams on the flats.  Oysters are on the menu in all the local restaurants.

  • Wellfleet Ponds
    Wellfleet Ponds

    Wellfleet Ponds

    Discover Wellfleet's unique kettle ponds

    Nestled in the woods, Chez Sven is within walking distance of Dyer Pond, described by the NY Times as the Cape’s “most beautiful, most hidden, most serene.”  Wellfleet has thirteen ponds, a swimmer’s delight.  Learn about how they were created by glaciers at the Seashore HQ in Eastham.

  • Entertainment in Wellfleet
    Entertainment in Wellfleet

    Entertainment in Wellfleet

    See a play at WHAT or Harbor Stage

    Spend a few hours at the Flea Market, held in the parking lot of one of the last real drive-in movie theaters in America. The drive-in presents double-features all summer. Attend lectures and book readings at Wellfleet's five-star public library. Enjoy concerts at Preservation Hall, the Congregational Church, or Payomet. Attend a play at Harbor Stage or WHAT, two venues for top-notch theater.

  • Outdoor fun
    Outdoor fun

    Outdoor Fun

    Explore the Cape Cod National Seashore or the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (MA Audubon)

    No tour of Wellfleet would be complete without mention of the MA Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, with its well-maintained paths and eco-birdwatching center.  Go for a kayak tour on the marsh or a seal cruise in the harbor.  Hiking, biking, and paragliding are fun activities year-round in the National Seashore. 

House History

Our house has a story to tell...

A neighbor gave us an album of photos of our old Cape Codder, which she found at the Wellfleet flea market. On the first page someone used white ink to write in slanting script, Remembrances of Cape Cod, September, 1903. As I flip through one hundred years later, I'm curious to know more about the Wileys, people who cared enough about our home to take pictures of it from every angle.


The album does not provide many clues. There's a picture of Aunt May hurrying along through downtown Wellfleet with "Grandma." Both wear large hats and elegant satin gowns. Perhaps they are on their way to a social gathering? A horse and buggy stand in the background. On the next page, Ethel and Herb relax by the bay. Ethel smiles as she tries to keep the wind from blowing off her sunbonnet. There's local color... the Cahoon Hollow Lifesaving Station (now the Beachcomber) and the Highland Lighthouse... as well as photos of what natives called the "back shore," the ocean beaches that now make Wellfleet a favorite destination for tourists seeking respite from the summer heat.


The Wileys collected rainwater in a barrel, got drinking water at a pump near the back door, and used a two-seater outhouse. There are no trees in the yard, probably because all available wood was used as fuel. During the past century locust and pine have grown to cover the hillside. We now live in the woods, half a mile from Cape Cod Bay. In 1903, Wiley house must have had a water view!


The road, at least, has not changed. Would Aunt May have been pleased when my mother petitioned the town so Old King’s Highway would become a scenic road, dirt forever? Although we're separated by a century, I feel some kinship with these ancient Wellfleetians. We pace the same pine boards, bake bread in the same kitchen, enjoy the same summer breeze. When we open the door, we hear the ocean roar or smell low tide down on the flats. We eat cod and mackerel. On holidays we splurge on oysters. I know the Wileys loved them because I found piles of shells in the garden.


Staying at Wiley House, ie. Chez Sven, allows guests to make contact with the past. Sven found a Lady Liberty coin under the living room floor. The coin means the house existed at this spot on Old King’s Highway in 1798. Traces of rollers on the joists under the house indicate that it was moved here at some point. The windowpanes of the built-in cabinets date from the 18th century. The house was probably built around 1730, like the Atwood-Higgins House. Atwood-Higgins is considered to be among the oldest houses on Cape Cod.

Customer Testimonials

  • Annie

    Thank you for letting us stay in pretty Seagull Cottage. What a restful place! The children loved splashing in the ponds, particularly Dyer Pond. The beaches were amazing. We return to London refreshed and ready to face the world again.

    Annie & Steve, London, England

  • Meredith

    Chez Sven was the perfect oasis after our many miles of biking. We enjoyed the company during breakfast and the delicious scones. It’s refreshing to stay in a place so conscious about health and the environment.

    Meredith, Aaron, Harriet & Ari, Somerville, MA

  • Tomas

    How can you ever find words to describe what this week has meant to our bodies, souls and brains? We so enjoyed the long walks along the sea and the talks with our wonderful hosts!

    Tomas & Gunilla, Lulea, Sweden

  • Joy

    Thank you for a wonderful experience. Our first time at the Cape could not have been more pleasant. Your home is so lovely and comfortable. Our talks over breakfast (deliciously and thoughtfully prepared) were great.

    Joy & Earle, NY, NY

  • Susan

    This was a wonderful place to spend our first September visit to Wellfleet. You were terrific hosts and we loved being surrounded by flowers, quiet, and the warm September sun.

    Susan & Norm, Montclair, NJ

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